A damaged drum unit being removed
A cost effective durable rubber element can be used to replace the existing centrifugal clutch coupling method  with a highly reliable cost effective conversion that is easy to replace. The standard coupling used is a 3 pin system suitable for four cylinder enginer, 4 pin systems are also available for  6 cylinder engine applications requiring stronger couplings. We can do the conversion or supply it in kit form with simple instructions.For best lifetime cycle of the rubber element do not stop / start the engine while the tank is under pressure (above 0.5 bar), this also applies to the Periflex element.
Blower unit removed from blower set with centrifugal clutch system
Drum and clutch unit after removal
A damaged clutch unit being removed
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Diesel engine with new adapter plate installed
Blower unit with new rubber coupling installed
Engine and blower connected with new reliable cost effective coupling
Coupling Conversion
Coupling Conversion