Well established as an Original Equipment Manufacturer and supplier of compressor equipment and parts in the pressure an vacuum equipment industry CVS provides improved designs and original parts of German quality.

The RKL160 units incorporae the very latest in design with numerous improvements for unloading of liquid tankers transporting Bitumina, Heavy oil, Chemicals and Juices (not suitable for Fuel).

CVS Engineering also provides a full range of quality supporting products for the vacuum industry supported locally by a CVS approved facility with  experienced personnel with many years experience, able to provide full service and after sales support for CVS equipment in South Africa with fully equipped service, repair and testing facilities as well as full parts and accessories availability locally.

CVS Engineering equipment are fully warranted, cost effective to buy, maintain, repair and supply high performance while offering reliability and durability synonymous with German engineering supported locally by an approved CVS Engineering distributor able to recommend the appropriate equipment for your specific application. The RKL160 is the perfect investment for the fleet manager serious about productivity.


The experience makes the difference:


- Well-established team with decades of knowledge of        - Permanent contact with our customers

  engineering and markets                                                - Complete service for vacuum pumps and compressors

- Technology: state-of-the-art                                            - Experience: decades

- Production: in-house                                                      - Advice and service: competent

- Delivery: quick and punctual                                           - Certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2008

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RKL 160