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Attachment unit / chassis mount option
SiloKing 1500 (690 - 1560 m/h, 1000 - 2000 rpm) for chassis, blower set or stationary applications
SiloKing 1500 specifications  (Reduced drive speed)
Blower set with 6 cylinder Deutz engine and SiloKing 1100LS blower with oil cooler




SiloKing Models and Options

SiloKing - The King of dry bulk blowers!
SiloKing - The King of dry bulk blowers!

- Advanced screw design ensures:

  - increased air delivery
  - higher efficiency
  - lower noise levels
  - lower air discharge temperature
  - wider speed range for optimal regulation of volume flow

- Compact dimensions for easy installation

- Optimized weight

- Can be driven by: Diesel engine, Direct PTO, Hydraulic

  drive, Belt drive and Electric motor

- Option for counter clockwise rotation and/or speedup

- Appropriate for mobile or stationary applications

- After cooler option for applications requiring lower air   discharge temperature

- Oil cooler for heavy duty cycle

- 1 year warranty

- 100% German quality engineering and manufacture

- Robust design

- High availability

- Blower sets available

- Full after sales service and support locally:

  - Fully equipped factory approved service, repair,

    recondition and test facility
  - Full range of support and parts available for all models
  - Fully experienced factory trained staff

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Well established as an Original Equipment Manufacturer and supplier of compressor equipment and parts in the pressure an vacuum equipment industry CVS Engineering provides improved designs and original parts of German quality.


Various SiloKing screw compressor models are available for handling materials such as bulk powders, granules, pellets and feeds from road tankers or facilities and is suitable for belt drive, direct drive or other drives. Low maintenance, efficient, contaminant free discharge of materials such as cement, flour, gypsum, lime, fly ash, sugar, salt, silica sand, pvc, pellets.

CVS Engineering also provides a full range of quality supporting products for the blower industry supported locally by a CVS approved facility with  experienced personnel, able to provide full service and after sales support for CVS equipment in South Africa with fully equipped service, repair and testing facilities as well as full parts and accessories availability locally.

CVS Engineering equipment are fully warranted, cost effective to buy, maintain, repair and supply high performance while offering reliability and durability synonymous with German engineering supported locally by an approved CVS Engineering distributor able to recommend the appropriate equipment for your specific application.


CVS models offer full support locally with parts, adequate stock levels and qualified factory trained personel enabling CVS to immediately replace, repair (including advanced engineering) or recondition CVS equipment locally instead of sending units abroad for repair, recondition or exchange. The local CVS factory approved service facilities are fully equipped for full after sales service with dedicated personel for service of CVS equipment.


The experience makes the difference:


- Well-established team with decades of knowledge of        - Permanent contact with our customers

  engineering and markets                                                - Complete service for vacuum pumps and compressors

- Technology: state-of-the-art                                            - Experience: decades

- Production: in-house                                                      - Advice and service: competent

- Delivery: quick and punctual                                           - Certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2008

Operating instructions
Option for counter clockwise
rotation and/or speedup
SiloKing 700 (420 - 650 m/h, 2400 - 3600 rpm for blower set or stationary applications
SiloKing performance data (Normal drive speed)
SiloKing dimensions

Blower set with 4 cylinder Deutz engine and SK1100 blower

Blower set with 4 cylinder Kirloskar engine and SK1100 blower

SiloKing LS 700 (420-650 m/h) / 1100 (550-1050 m/h)  (reduced drive speed 1500 - 2700 rpm) for chassis, blower set or stationary applications
SiloKing 1100 (385 - 1050 m/h, 2000 - 3600 rpm for blower set or stationary applications
Blower set with 4 cylinder Deutz turbo engine and SK1100LS blower
Blower set with 55KW electric motor and SK1100
Flour transfer stationary setup to replace problematic / unreliable roots type blowers. System can be operated at 1 - 2 bar at cooler temperature resulting in reliable blower operation and providing exceptional extended lifecycle. After cooler unit recommended for safe operation of flour transfer
SiloKing characteristics
SiloKing characteristics
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Mobile Options: Chassis mount option - belt drive, direct drive / PTO or hydraulic drive options
Blower set - provides mobile or stationary functionality
Blowerset installation - Mobile Applications
Stationary Applications
Modern fully equipped facilities for Research, Development, Manufacture, Testing, Full range of OEM parts, Specialist support and advice
SiloKing LS specifications (Reduced drive speed)
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