Severe rotor and gear damage have not been addressed as this is a very expensive process not justified by the few units still in service. Models repaired / remanufactured by Dark Blue utilise quality parts sourced and supplied by Dark Blue Compressor Control.



Our fully equipped facilities with experienced staff are able to perform repairs of high standards. High precision engineering form part of the highly specialised repair and recondition process using modern accurate equipment by experienced personnel. Quality parts are used during the recondition process - parts need to be very precise since blower compressors are complicated in design with repairs and parts equally specialised. All parts undergo extensive research and development with stringent testing after manufacture. Parts are fully warranted and provide excellent performance and reliability.

Fully equipped service facilities

Standard recondition service available

Quality range of parts for recondition

Staff fully experienced in reconditioning of screw type units

Rotor remanufacturing for this model

Testing with certification


Intake hose 100mm
Fully Synthetic Blower Oil for extending blower life cycle.
Discharge hose 65mm
Brass safety valve 1" / 1"

Supporting Products
A reconditioned unit.
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Safety valve 1" / 2"