Well established as an Original Equipment Manufacturer and supplier of vacuum equipment and parts in the vacuum pump industry CVS provides improved designs and original parts of German quality.


The VacuStar represents the very latest in equipment utilising liquid ring technology providing vacuum or pressure for industrial applications, vacuum trucks, liquid tanker, suction truck / vehicle, municipal vehicles, jetting and public hygiene applications such as sewage, surich, septic removal. Three models are available in clockwise or anti clockwise variations producing different flow volumes: WR 2500, WR 3100 and WR 4000. These models feature quiet operation, mechanical seal, swivel mounting, suction and pressure flange can be connected electively on shaft side or opposite, light weight and robust design, connection flanges can be swivelled and installation friendly design.


CVS Engineering equipment are fully warranted, cost effective to buy, maintain, repair and supply high performance while offering reliability and durability synonymous with German engineering supported locally by an approved CVS Engineering distributor able to provide full after sales service and support for CVS equipment.


The experience makes the difference:


- Well-established team with decades of knowledge of        - Permanent contact with our customers

  engineering and markets                                                - Complete service for vacuum pumps and

- Technology: state-of-the-art                                              compressors

- Experience: decades                                                     - Production: in-house

- Advice and service: competent                                        - Delivery: quick and punctual

- Certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2008


VacuStar WR
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